Auro Zelli
was born in Turin on 7 December 1969 where he spent 18 years before moving to Abruzzo. He started his first musical experience when he was 6. He plays the guitar and he also plays the bass, the piano and drums for passion. Today we have more than 700 songs composed by Auro. He has also collaborated with some great icons of contemporary music and he composed many musical arrangements. He has also used his music to collect money for charities. He participated to many Rai and Sky tv shows and also to other national TV programmes. He attended a lot of song contests with brilliant results. Thanks to his collaborations with the theatre, he played with the great Domenico Modugno on RAI UNO channel conducted by the Maestro Pippo Caruso. He went to the "Festival della canzone romana" as music author. He wrote musicals and a lot of artistic directions. He recordered lots of CDs like SIMPLY, an international success with more than six hundred thousand plays. He wrote music and songs for brilliant national artists. In 1997, Auro went to SANREMO to propose QUANDO VIENE SERA, interpreted by the beautiful OLIVIA's voice. He interpreted the anthem of the XIII GIOCHI del MEDITERRANEO, at the stadium SAN NICOLA di BARI which was transmitted in Eurovision.